Olive Oil



In our groove at the Fanari of Agios Theodoros there were planted 500 trees by our Nonno Panagis Solomos.

The plantation is relatively dense which is something innovative for those years and also done with difficulty after the ground was first wetted.


The varieties of olive trees that can be found there are Koroni, Dopia, Korfolia and Thiako.

The last three varieties are not widespread at all in the rest of Greece, while in particular Korfolia and Dopia are rare.


Marili Solomou in the 1980s laid the foundations for the organic cultivation of the olive grove. With respect to her vision and her ecological sensitivity, which for those years was not at all a widespread, we continue to produce an excellent organic olive oil.


 Basic characteristics of our crop: it is dry, it accepts mainly green fertilization, ie sowing of the soil with various plants in the legume family, plant protection from olive fruit fly with biological traps and protection from the gliospore bacterium by spraying only with copper.


This mild plant protection is mainly based on the prevention of olive trees and therefore requires our constant presence and care. 

"Olive oil"


With great passion we continue the tradition given to us, cultivating our trees organically and arid. 

Our olives are harvested by hand in early October, and after sorting they go to the mill where they are subjected to cold pressing. 

The way we take care of our fruit from the tree to the olive mill results in the production of a small amount of olive oil. 

The high quality in organoleptic characteristics but also in antioxidant properties of our oil are a shield for our health and a delicious treasure for our diet.


Solomos 500ml

The organic extra virgin olive oil SOLOMOS is a blend of Koroneiki, Korfolia, Simoteiki and Dopia, exclusively from our family olive grooves in Kefalonia. 

Keep in cool & shadow place


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Solomos 200ml

Organic single-variety olive oil from age-old trees of the rare variety Korfolia. Solomos 200ml has competed in the Berlin GOOA competition in the category of oils with high polyphenols and has been awarded for its quality.


Keep in cool & shadow place


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